Don’t be Scared to get Involved in the Phoenix Art Community!

Marketing and Communications Intern, Samantha Lass

August 06, 2022

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An Interview with Stone, Chair of the Roosevelt Row Artists Advisory Council

There are a lot of opportunities for local artists to get more involved in the community and art scene here in Phoenix, yet it may be challenging or intimidating for first timers who may not know about all of these events and organizations. 

We interviewed Stone from the Roosevelt Row Artists Advisory Council to gain perspective on the ways folks can get more involved and showcase their talent.

What is your title at the Roosevelt Row Artists Advisory Council (RRAAC) and how long have you been with them?

I am a volunteer and currently serve as the Chair of RRAAC. I have been involved with RRAAC since the summer of 2020 and I became the Vice-Chair in September of that year.

In what ways does RRAAC work with local artists and how can artists get involved with your organization?

We have regular opportunities for artists to meet with one another. We host an event called Artist Connect that can take place at various locations throughout the valley. We also partnered with Phoenix Center for the Arts where you can join us at our Infuse Open Mic events.

There are also opportunities for artists to have their work showcased in the Roosevelt Row Evolve Gallery, where a small group of artist volunteers select the artists. 

What are your tips for a first time artist going to local events or trying to get their work seen for the first time?

No one will ever see your work or hear you perform if you only do it within the walls of your home, so getting out there is important. Being involved with social media platforms can also help boost your presence in the eyes of other artists and advocates. Responding to Call for Artists that are often put out is a great way to become aware of opportunities as well.

What advice do you have for artists looking to start a small business or sell their work?

The weekend markets of the Roosevelt Row CDC, organized by a volunteer artist, Joe Mehl, is a great way to learn about steps to take to get your artwork seen by the public. You don’t have to already be a professional vendor to join this market. Roosevelt Row CDC operates as a business incubator for such artists to better learn the craft of how to market, display and promote one’s art. First Friday Arts Marketplace has opportunities to become a vendor. There are details such as having an appropriate tent, being able to sell your work via cash app platforms, or through credit card purchases that you should become familiar with prior to being a vendor for a First Friday Artist Marketplace event. If you are ready to move on to becoming an actual vendor, reach out via email to Alternatively, etsy is also a great place to start!

When and where do your Artist Connect events meet? What can people expect at these events?

We host Artist Connect social gatherings every 3rd Tuesday of the month for everyone! The goal of these gatherings is to get artists of all types and ages to socialize and hopefully establish a means of collaborating on projects. We want people to meet one another and break down barriers that often exist and make it difficult to build communities. We also want to build a community where artists of all backgrounds, experience, styles, etc. can celebrate their desire to create.

How might people volunteer with RRAAC and where can they reach RRAAC for more information?

Please contact us at for RRAAC details, or if interested to become a volunteer or vendor for Roosevelt Row CDC, contact us at

Volunteer opportunities are available in many ways:

  • First Friday
  • Infuse Open Mic
  • Artist Connect Committee
  • Vendor Vetting (To help with selection of Artist)
  • Administrative positions for RRAAC
  • Roosevelt Row Evolve Gallery Committee
  • Performance Artist Committee
  • Weekend Market Musicians/Bands

Lastly, what advice would you give to artists having a hard time in finding the opportunities to show their work?

Simply, get involved! Keep creating, but get involved.


A very special thanks to Stone and Adan from RAACC for helping me with this blog post and for the invaluable information!

Image 1: Photograph via @rooseveltrowcdc on Instagram

Image 2: Photograph via @rooseveltrowcdc on Instagram

Image 3: Phoenix Center for the Arts Infuse Open Mic