Volunteer Spotlight: Brittany

By Mikaila Simmons, Marketing Summer Intern

August 11, 2021

Our volunteers are just as inspirational as our teachers. Speaking with Brittany, one of our amazing volunteers, she has beautiful advice when it comes to artistic expression. Brittany gets her inspiration to make art from “Everything! We had a wonderful rainy day today, that inspired me to make a lot of art.”

We love seeing what our volunteers create and know that they are all talented artists. “The willingness to express creatively and not feel too limited by any idea of what that should look like or should be or what I should be making” is what Brittany says makes her an artist. We are so lucky to have Brittany and her bright energy at the Center. She admitted she was a little nervous about taking classes at the Center at first. But when she received an email from our Patron Services Lead, she said “It just made me feel very warm and welcome.”

Being a volunteer was her “baby-step to taking classes.” Her favorite thing about volunteering at the Center is the people. Specifically, she says she enjoys “Being around people who care about the arts.” We appreciate having volunteers that also care about the arts and enjoy expressing their art as well. The Center could not run so smoothly without these lovely volunteers.

Find out how to become a volunteer at the Center, and see what opportunities are available on our Volunteer page!