Health & Safety

Phoenix Center for the Arts Health & Safety
Updated 10-12-2020

At Phoenix Center for the Arts the health and safety of our patrons is incredibly important to us. For in-person classes, students are required to sign our new Student Agreement, which details new rules and regulations we have adopted to aid in health and safety efforts.

Additional measures we have taken to ensure the cleanliness and safety of our facility include, but are not limited to:

Patron Education
Phoenix Center for the Arts is enacting widespread messaging which illustrates new health and safety practices. Messaging relating to new policies will be sent to all patrons before they arrive on site by:
1. Posting policies on the Student Agreement page of;
2. Posting policies on social media; and
3. Obtaining signed Student Agreements from all in-person students.

Mask Wearing
Physical respiratory protection, such as a cloth face covering, must be worn inside the facility at all times, as well as during check-in outside the facility. Face coverings/masks must completely cover the nose and mouth. Face coverings/masks will be worn by every individual entering any building on the Phoenix Center for the Arts campus, including, but not limited to, all patrons, staff, teaching artists, students, resident organization representatives, volunteers, cleaning and/or repair workers, and all other space users.

Signage will also be posted at each entrance, as well as throughout the facility, to remind patrons of policies in place.

Hand Sanitizer Stations
We have installed new hand sanitizer stations in multiple locations throughout the facility.

Enhanced Cleaning
Each classroom will be thoroughly cleaned daily. Cleaning logs will be signed and posted in each room. Additionally, tools, touch points, and surfaces will be wiped down before and after each class with a bleach solution. Disinfecting wipes will be available in each classroom for student use, so that each individual can wipe down tools before and after use.

Increased Space & Social Distance
We have worked with Department Heads to create a schedule and structure for fall in-person classes. Some highlights include:

  • Reduced classroom capacity – We have limited enrollment in each class to allow for 6 feet of social distance between students within each classroom. In most cases, the maximum number of students allowed is 6 or 8.
  • Limited offerings – We have reduced the number of classes offered, so that no more than 2 classes are held in the same room each day.
  • Longer breaks between classes – There is now a 2-hour minimum restoration period between any two classes in the same room, to allow time for cleaning.
  • Staggered class start times – Classes start 15 minutes apart, to allow for reduced traffic in and out of the building.
  • Check-in – Patrons must check-in at the check-in table in front of the Visual Arts Building. Each individual entering the facility will be signed in by the desk attendant on duty. Patrons are only permitted building access during the date and time of the class in which they are registered and during the 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of their class. The desk attendant will have a list of patrons registered for classes each day. If a patron refuses to wear an appropriate face covering/mask that completely covers the nose and mouth, or is not on the pre-approved list of individuals who may enter the space that day, they will be denied entry and asked to leave.
  • Line/waiting demarcations (lines marked on the ground) will be visible near the check-in tables to aid in creating less densely-packed lines waiting to enter the facility. These demarcations will be created to maintain 6 feet of space between patrons and staff.

If you have any additional questions, please email or call 602-254-3100. We will be happy to help, and look forward to seeing you soon!