Volunteer Spotlight: Betsi

By Mikaila Simmons, Marketing Summer Intern

November 08, 2021

Volunteer Betsi smiling, wearing a yellow polo shirt

If you have visited Phoenix Center for the Arts in the past, you have most likely been greeted by one of our amazing volunteers. Our volunteers help us significantly in keeping our day to day activities running. You can see volunteers working the front desk, assisting in hanging paintings in our galleries, and so much more.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Betsi, one of our volunteers, to talk about her experience as a volunteer at the Center. Betsi’s favorite thing about being a volunteer at the Center is “seeing all of the creative people that come through here.” Volunteering is a great way to meet new people who share the same artistic interests as you and gives you a chance to discover new classes with new people.

Not only is being a volunteer fun, it comes with benefits that include earning a free class at the Center! Betsi’s inspiration for becoming a volunteer? “Truthfully, it was the fact that if I worked 40 hours I would get a free class.” We want our volunteers to be able to grow as an artist while they are giving back, it is the Center’s way of saying “thank you”.

“Trying” is all that Besti says she needs to be an artist. Being able to “get it out, to do something creative, to just get it out of myself,” is what makes her an artist. We appreciate all of the help that Betsi has given to the Center. Highlight: Betsi’s favorite class she has taken at the Center has been the “ceramics class with Pam (Harrison), just so much fun, the women in the class were great to get to know.”

Find out how you can volunteer with the Center by visiting our Volunteer Opportunities page.