Meet Mikaila Simmons

June 10, 2021

I am the Phoenix Center for the Arts Marketing Intern for the summer of 2021. I have been involved in the arts since I could remember and always knew I wanted to work with other creative people and take my passion for art into my career life. I am currently working towards my degrees in; Theatre Performance, Theatre Management, and Business Marketing at Waldorf University.

I started my performing arts experience when I was 7 years old, participating in youth theatre, trying to be involved in as many shows as I possibly could. This continued into high school where I became a theatre honor student through the Thespian Honor Society Troupe 7014. Being involved in Thespian Troupe 7014 paved the way for me to take my love for the performing arts into the collegiate world. Because of this, I was invited to audition for colleges and universities leading me to the university that I am currently attending. At Waldorf University I assistant stage manage, act, and prop design, as well as occasionally running the sound and lighting for my theatre department. Even though my focus is in Theatre Arts I have a passion for all types of art styles and hope that my internship with Phoenix Center for the Arts will lead me to a career in the world of art marketing.

My goal for my career is to work somewhere where I know that the people I am working with value art as a part of education, which is very much true of Phoenix Center for the Arts. During my time here with the Center, I will be working with the staff to launch the Centers’ TikTok account, and I look forward to watching the account grow even after my internship ends. I value everything that I have learned and will learn while being an intern with all of these creative people here at Phoenix Center for the Arts.