ARTicles: “Images and Poetry Combine in an Exploration of Identity at the Alice”

Margo Vansynghel


Phoenix Center for the Arts’ Engagement Manager, Rashaad Thomas, and his poetry group, Gutta Collective were recently featured in City Arts Magazine, in an article about the collective’s participation in an exhibition at the Alice Gallery in Georgetown.


“Stepping into the Alice is like unwrapping a birthday gift: The surprise is expected but nonetheless wonderful. Since 2014, the Georgetown gallery has been reaching beyond the Seattle bubble to reel in artists from all over the U.S. and connect them with writers-in-residence. In /what are we but lying single surface/, a compact but exciting group exhibition combined with a series of readings, co-curators Molly Mac and Natalie Ann Martínez ramp up the Alice’s literary links.

The connections between the works on display—paintings, videos, photos, collage and text—are unclear at first glance, as vague as the broad strokes of the exhibition statement describing “themes of identity, place, family, language, collaboration and self-making.” But a patient eye allows the show to reveal itself gradually.”