Adult Classes

We have many different classes for adults, from ceramics to jewelry making to music. We also have the facilities to support students whether they are interested in making art for fun, as a career, or both!

Note: You can now register for classes without leaving the Phoenix Center for the Arts website. Simply click the red arrow below the class category of your choosing to see a list of classes. Next, select your class by clicking “Sign Up” and a shopping cart will appear. Questions? Call 602-254-3100. Thanks!


Try an informative and fun pottery class. We have classes for beginners and professionals, complete with wheels, clay, and kilns. Throwers and Hand Builders are welcome.

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Clases de Arte en Español

The Center ahora ofrece clases de arte en Español! Clases incluyen Cerámica, Fotografía Digital, Teatro y Pintura!

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Do you remember what it was like to dance when you were a child? Remember the freedom, the exhilaration of moving to music, of using every part of your body? Or did you make a New Year’s resolution to get up and move a bit more? Check out our dance classes and get moving!

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Learn about the new and amazing world of glass fusing: glass cutting, design, care and operation of a glass kiln. You’ll also learn techniques to make pieces as small as beads or earrings and as large plates and vessels, or just make something for art’s sake. With each class you will successfully complete fused glass projects using a variety of glass types and fusing techniques.

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Metals & Jewelry

Learn the art of metalworking, soldering, stone setting, chain mail, casting, and more in these fun yet challenging classes. Learn how to prepare and cut metal; discover the art of fusing glass to metal; design your own jewelry, and more!

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A mosaic is a picture or pattern created from small ceramic and glass tiles, stone, and other small objects. The first known mosaic art dates back to the 3rd millennium! Want to try your hand at creating beautiful mosaics for your home and garden? We offer Intro and Advanced classes in ceramic and glass mosaics.

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Have you always wanted to play the piano at your own party? Did you know and you’ve just forgotten? Our classes can teach you note reading or how to play with chords. Play like you’ve always dreamed possible.

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Online Classes

OUR NEWEST DEPARTMENT! For the first time ever, Phoenix Center for the Arts is offering online classes for adults to flexibly fit into your busy schedule.

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Painting & Drawing

Students at all skill levels can enjoy painting and drawing. Many of our students try this for the first time and love it! Our courses include a variety of techniques including oil, charcoal, pastels, and colored pencil.

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Our courses introduce students to the basics of photography, whether digital or in the old-school darkroom. Already good at it? Try an offsite workshop to improve your skills.

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Discover the wonderful potential of printmaking. Turn drawings or photos into artistic masterpieces. Create original hand-pulled prints. Learn the linocut process. This is a vast world of possibilities.

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Whether you are a novice or veteran to creative writing, we have varying opportunities for you. Explore the craft of poetry, the process of workshop-driven fiction, the craft of writing compelling and new works of fiction. If you are interested in exploring the world of literature and do not need or want college credit we will offer varying classes throughout the year ranging from Navajo Literature, to Literature After War, to Contemporary Literature, along with the Classics. These courses will guide you in critically viewing the literature, learning the techniques used by these writers, as well tying them to contemporary life.

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