Phoenix Phabulous Experience – Open Mic Storytelling Showcase

5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Margaret T. Hance Park, Phoenix AZ

On December 11 in Downtown Phoenix, storytellers will gather to share their personal connections to major Phoenix time periods at an open mic event designed to help local artists create the first, comprehensive Phoenix history mural.
The public is invited to join local celebrity storytellers including Bob Boze Bell, Jana Bommersbach, Pat McMahon, Ivan Makil, Barry Wong, Frank Barrios and Marshall Shore at the Phoenix Phabulous Storytelling Showcase on Wednesday, December 11 at Phoenix Center for the arts. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with open mic hosted for live storytelling from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is free and space is limited to the first 200 attendees.
The storytelling showcase is produced by Phoenix Phabulous Experience and Phoenix Center for the Arts, with participation from The Arizona Republic’s Arizona Storytellers Project.
“Stories will enhance downtown Phoenix place making, spotlighting nine major periods in Phoenix history,” said Hugo Medina, artist and mural curator. “Storytellers will help local artists shape a Phoenix history mural to be created the following weekend at Phoenix Festival of the Arts held at Margaret Hance Park.”
Once completed, organizers will install the community history mural at a Downtown Phoenix gallery in spring of 2014, with plans to produce a 3-D animated story of Phoenix.
At the Dec. 11 event, top storytellers will be selected by a panel of listeners and invited by The Arizona Republic to speak at an Arizona Storytellers Project event in 2014 when the community mural is installed in Downtown Phoenix.
Audience participants are invited to share three-minute personal stories connected to life in Phoenix, focused on one of the following Phoenix time periods.
Pre 1867 (ancient Phoenix) – Hohokam heritage and ancient desert life.
1867 to 1880 – Phoenix early pioneer years and the Wild West following the U.S. Civil War.
1881 to 1911 – The Emergent Years of Phoenix pre-statehood.
1912 to 1945 – Statehood and early Phoenix expansion.
1945 (post World War II) to 1960 – Boom Years: Phoenix economic growth beyond Five “Cs,” including manufacturing.
1960 to 1980 – Sunbelt Center and growth away from Downtown Phoenix.
1980 to 2000 – Southwest Metropolis; expansion of sports, culture and early Downtown Phoenix revitalization.
2001 to Today – New Economy, Major Revitalization including introduction of biosciences, enhanced focus on higher education, more sports and major downtown revitalization.
Imagined Future – Storytellers share ideas for the future of Phoenix.
About Phoenix Phabulous Experience™ 
Phoenix Phabulous Experience™ is a spectacular, community storytelling experience in Downtown Phoenix founded by Dr. Carol Poore, showcasing Phoenix to the world with the ultimate goal of combining civic engagement, storytelling, and family-friendly entertainment. In attracting residents and visitors to enjoy and explore downtown, Phoenix Phabulous Experience™ forges community-based collaboration through its production.
About Phoenix Center for the Arts 
The Phoenix Center for the Arts is the heartbeat of Phoenix’s arts community. Phoenix Center for the Arts produces Phoenix Festival of the Arts, to be held December 13-15, 2013 at Margaret Hance Park. Located in downtown Phoenix and directed by Joseph Benesh, the Center offers Phoenicians an exciting variety of performing and visual arts, both educationally and as a presenting organization. The Center was started in 1975 and run by the City of Phoenix until 2011.
About Hugo Medina, artist and Phoenix history mural curator 
Hugo Medina is a renowned Phoenix-based artist and art instructor who specializes in mural storytelling. At Phoenix Festival for the Arts to be held December 13-15, 2013 at Margaret Hance Park, Hugo will coordinate the work of nine participating mural artists to create the first, comprehensive Phoenix history mural.