OME presents the 5th Annual New Music Festival: BLACK AIR (Phx)

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Margaret T. Hance Park, Phoenix AZ

January 25, 2018
Showtime 7:30pm

BLACK AIR (Phx) “We seek to expand Sound via Sound.” // Vicki Brown (Tucson) Experimental looped violin // Evan Runyon (NY)  “Evan Runyon is an acoustic and electric bassist, composer, arranger and producer based in Brooklyn, New York whose work has been called “quirky, interesting” (Milford Independent), “very loud” and “unlikely to be well-received” (New York Times). He also regularly performs on viola da gamba, violone, steel-stringed guitars and banjo.” // Melissa Malork (Phx) Clarinet and electronics // David Wegehaupt (Phx) “David Wegehaupt is a musician/saxophonist/improviser/teacher/human committed to the performance and promotion of contemporary music. He loves making and listening to sounds of many sorts and collaborates regularly with composers and musicians whose ideas and organizations of sound he finds to be particularly satisfying.”
Oh My Ears (OME), presents the 5th Annual New Music Festival.
This festival, formerly known as the OME Marathon Concert, showcases works by emerging and established composers, emerging ensembles, solo artists, and projects from around the country.
The festival will take place Thursday Jan. 25th through Sunday Jan 28th, 2018 in venues and art galleries around downtown Phoenix. Jason Barabba, Executive Director of the Los Angeles nonprofit music presenter Synchromy, returns as Composer-in Residence.
This unique 4-day event is partially powered by Phoenix College and the local tipping app, BRAVO.