First Friday Opening: Patrice Bass – It’s A New Season

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Basement at Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix AZ

December 7, 2018
at the Larry Wilson Gallery,
Phoenix Center for the Arts

Please join us for this First Friday opening!
Phoenix Center for the Arts is proud to present It’s A News Season, an exhibition by artist Patrice Bass, opening Friday, December 7, 2018, in the Larry Wilson Gallery. The opening takes place from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and is free to the public. The Larry Wilson Gallery is located within the Performing Arts Building at Phoenix Center for the Arts, 1202 N Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004.
Patrice Bass (b. 1959-) Born in Tucson, AZ
Patrice is a self-taught, abstract expressionist artist living and working in Arizona. She is best known for her vibrant and intense abstract art.
Patrice’s style is her use of rich, vibrant colors and sand for texture collected along California’s Pacific coast, her former home in San Diego, California. Some of her paintings, have a vague surreal suggestion of a landscape, while others, and have a symphony of colors with a sense of movement. She describes her style as “unique contemporary textured abstract art that is very intense” She loves the freedom of abstract art because it often allows the viewer to see the image with their emotion not just their eyes.
She is the owner of The Bass Art Studio and Seasoned Hands that teaches painting, jewelry making, sculpting & crafts in Senior Retirement communities. She currently is a teaching artist for The Phoenix Center of the Arts, Phoenix, Az.
In this season her abstract paintings includes earthy hues and desert matter reminiscent of her birthplace — the Southwest.
I use a variety of colors that complement each other, including beach sand, cloth and metallic. I try to be creative and make one of a kind original art that is pleasing to the eyes and expresses emotions. I don’t stop working on a painting until I can stand back and say, wow! and I can feel the power and intensity of its presence!” says Patrice.
Inspiration comes from memories, meditations connections and mysteries. I begin a painting with no set design, eager to go on a journey of discovery. There is a certain sense of freedom in allowing the element of faith to be my guide. With each new layer, secret forms and relationships start to take shape, and a artistic creation unfolds right before my eyes.