Davisson Entertainment presents “Divine Direction”

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Margaret T. Hance Park, Phoenix AZ

Saturday, December 10, 2016
Showtime: 7:00pm
General Public Admission = $23.00
Student Admission = $12.50
All Access Pass (Performances & All Classes) $88.50

mattposter_11x17_dd4_smallThe Divine Direction is the 2-hour full stage production created, produced and performed by the MusEffect team. Choreographed by our creative director, Jessica Starr, film components by Nik Gravelle and performed by the 13 principal dancers of MusEffect, The Divine Direction has been performed in 6 incredibly successful times in Southern California.The Divine Direction focuses on life’s pivotal moments and topic that directly affect today’s society. With the vast array of social issues covered during the show, The Divine Direction has the ability to hit home with any and all audience members in some way. We have seen the direct impact of this performance on the audience and community alike and we are confident that through the vehicle of dance, we can encourage and empower social action.
Info: divinedirectionphx.com
Contact: davissonentertainment@gmail.com