Creative Time Summit

8:00 am - 2:30 pm

The Basement at Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix AZ

Join us for a community gathering of a live-stream video Screening and live Q & A sessions of the 2013 Creative Time Summit. 
This year ASU will host one of the international screening sites for the conference devoted to exploring the intersection of art-making and social justice. Creative Time Summit brings together innovative artists, activists, critics, writers, and curators in New York to engage with one another and a global audience about how they are attempting to change our world in unprecedented ways. Participants range from art world luminaries and rural community organizers to international activists—from Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn and hip-hop DJs-turned-prison reform advocates in Appalachia to the notorious custodians of women’s reproductive rights, Women on Waves.
You can attend for all or part of the viewing. Maybe just drop in for an hour! We will host small discussions periodically and have been invited to participate in an online Q & A with presenting artists and curators. The full schedule (in NYC time, subtract 3 hours for AZ time) can be viewed at: