Creative Circle – February 2016

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Basement at Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix AZ

February 7, 2016
at Phoenix Center for the Arts, Room 304
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Throughout history, thinkers and artists have gathered in cafés and coffee houses to share ideas, inspiration, and community because they knew how integral it was to the quality of their work. In our modern, digital times, the value of real, face-to-face exchange of creative ideas endures.
Phoenix Center for the Arts is home to The Creative Circle, an informal monthly gathering of artistic souls- from performers and writers to all manner of visual artists. All creatives are invited to come and connect, share what is inspiring them, seek feedback on their work, discuss the challenges of art as a business and staying focused in a relaxed and conversational setting.
You never know who you’ll meet or what fabulous new idea you may encounter, what missing resource you’ll locate or what exciting collaboration may be born! Let serendipity and community work its magic. Drop by and get to know your downtown Phoenix art neighbors.
The Creative Circle is a free and casual gathering, there is no need to sign up in advance or make a big commitment, but once you catch the buzz of imaginative energy we think you’ll be back for more!
Free refreshments provided by Be: Coffee + Food + Stuff