Conversations on Race II

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Margaret T. Hance Park, Phoenix AZ

Monday, October 14, 6-8pm

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Conversations on Race on September 16th and to those who were there in spirit.
The conversation was expertly facilitated by Calvin Terrell and gave us a great foundation on understanding the challenges and successes of race in our society. Challenges being largely residual & systemic feelings, policies, and actions left over from centuries of oppression, and a few successes coming from individuals willing to show up, think, feel, and – most importantly – act differently.
We’re interested in focusing a next conversation on Downtown Phoenix Arts. Please join us as we ask these interrelated questions: In the Downtown Arts, does race place a role? If so, what role/effect does it have? If there is an effect, what might be done to either change or support transformation on a community-wide scale?
The formula we’re thinking of is: conversation, conversation, action, or something similar. We probably won’t fix the entire world after a couple meetings, but maybe, together, we can start something real here in our community.
This second conversation will be co-facilitated by Joseph Benesh and Cole Reed.
Thank you all!