“Confined…But Not Contained” Solo Exhibition – First Friday Gallery Opening

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Basement at Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix AZ

February 2, 2018
at the Larry Wilson Gallery,
Phoenix Center for the Arts

Artist Statement:
Confined… But Not Contained: “Only a Moment”
Questions: Who are the women that have been assaulted, what is assault and why are women being sexually assaulted in any given moment? The ramification and circumstance of an act that lasted only a moment, can lead to year’s confinement and reduction Identity to 153323.
My voice in art making is a response to a conscious recognition of the social problems and issues that affect lives daily.  The concept within all my works identify issues that affect gender, race and self identity. My work is layered with topics from headline news and social issues that relate to society, ethnic groups and class status. The work examines questions related to personal and social identify, space, confinement, and containment. My work also explores not only the physical impact, but also the psychological and economical impact of feeling confined and the long term affects of lost Identity. I see the works as narratives that speak through personal voices to convey the passion and struggles of living life in the inner city.
The paintings document a woman’s voice and how she physically and emotionally fit into a space of confinement. Confinement can be institutional, domestic or psychological. These beautiful yet intense narrative paintings challenge the viewer to an emotional journey. Each of the paintings are created from a variety of mixed media such as painting, photographs, computer text, silk screening, and found objects.
 Biography Summary for Jenita Landrum:
Jenita has been a professional National/International Artist for twenty years. She is a painter and installation artist that creates work from oils, acrylic, watercolor, found objects and mixed media. She has taught courses in Art History, Foundations, Painting and Drawing for twenty years at Maricopa Community College, Columbus State Community College, Ohio University, and The Ohio State University.
She has exhibits her work Nationally and Internationally in group and solo venues in Oakland, Michigan, Kentucky, Texas, St. Louis, Ohio, Philadelphia, Arizona, Indiana, Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, Ghana Africa, Germany. Jenita has traveled internationally pursuing fellowship in Ghana Africa, Dresden Germany and Poland. She is a nationally sought for curation and lecturer.
She has completed several a number of public commissions and is extensively collected. Landrum is a gifted artist who has benefited from the mentorship of internationally famous artists such as Rip Woods, Jacob Lawrence, Sam Gilliam and Pheoris West.
Landrum describes her work as educational, beautiful, and edgy. Through her craft she explores race, class, and gender through self- identity of images that reflect life realities. The work exhibited is her journey through the art process of crossing mediums of paint, mixed media and found objects.
More Information on Artist:
Article: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/undefine-visibleinvisible-black-women_us_5a19b448e4b0250a107bffb8
ColumbusAlive.com , “#Undefined” by Jim Fischer
Contact: Artist- landrumbittles@yahoo.com 602.427.8011