07/07/2023 - 08/25/2023

Larry Wilson Gallery at Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix Arizona

BLACK OUTSIDE is an exhibition curated by Tiesha Harrison featuring a fashion show by Brenton Jones and an art show by Alberto Devon.

“Black is mysterious and instills a sense of sophistication while provoking it through its power.
Black is poetic. It is a dominant color, and often, a misunderstood one. When two great men with great
creative ability are allowed to express the meaning of black in their own mystic ways, they will engulf you
into an experience like never before. Two Sagittarius finding themselves on the exact same page, though
different, able to explain a message through a common lens. When these men join forces to attain the
same outcomes, they are not two, but one kinetic mind. They can enhance each other’s attributes, to
help reach a common goal. Absorbing all the light around them they are taking you into something
unknown, uncharted. As things start to become darker and darker, you will start to see that they aren’t
two, but one. Alberto Devon and Brenton Jones now present to you ‘BLACK OUTSIDE’.”- Tiesha Harrison

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