Art Classes at Phoenix Center for the ArtsWe know that art changes and saves lives. Our classes offer artistic enrichment taught by award-winning professionals in a friendly community that is a home-away-from-home for many students. There are many types of students: the person looking for a new passion in retirement; the hard working breadwinner that needs a place to relax that is completely removed from hustle and bustle; a child needing something safe and constructive to do after school. There’s a class for you here, too.

How do I sign up?
Select a class category below, then select a department (e.g. ceramics, glass, etc.) from the following page to see our class listings on MindBody, our online registration tool. From there, you can create a free account and register for your classes. Confused? No problem! Call us at 602-254-3100.

Adult Classes
We have many different classes for adults, including Ceramics, Dance, Glass, Metals & Jewelry, Mixed Media, Mosaics Music, Painting & Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, Spanish-Language Art, and Writing. We also have the facilities to support students whether they are interested in making art for fun, as a career, or both!

Teen Classes and Workshops
Our teen classes and workshops are an integral part of our Teen Artist Guild program. Teens can join the Teen Artist Guild (also known as TAG) for a small annual fee and attend classes, workshops, and lectures for free. Teens not wishing to join the guild may still attend these functions, but will be required to pay small one-time workshop fees.

Youth Classes
Do you have a budding musician or want to offer your child something to draw on besides your walls? Not only do we offer classes in Art, Music, Theatre, Creative Writing and Dance, we also offer a philosophy of cooperation and imagination. We teach children the value of the art from the perspective of artists and appreciators. Some children will be inspired to make art as they grow, some will choose science. But, they will choose from an informed perspective.

Online Classes
Our newest department provides art education in a digital and flexible format to fit your busy schedule.

Dance Classes
We understand how busy life can be. Between work, school, kids and social obligations, it’s hard to set aside time for yourself. The Center has created a series of Drop In classes that allow you as much flexibility as you need.

Want to try out a new art form, but not sure if it’s right for you?  Sign up for a Workshop and find out.

City Jazz
This unique, 16 week program offers students the opportunity to be in a working Jazz band. Students will jam together in the styles of big band, combo, and ensembles. In addition students will play their very own show. All rehearsals and the performance will take place at The Nash, the newest & hottest Jazz club in the valley.

Resident Artists
Meet our amazing team of instructors!

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