Youth Art Camps

Virtual Summer Camp 2020
Presented by Rising Youth Theatre
with support from Phoenix Center for the Arts

The Details
• Each session of camp is 2 weeks long, with interactive, engaging content from 9am – 12pm Monday – Friday
• Campers will explore a wide variety of art forms, including dance, theatre, music and visual art, with highly skilled teachers
• At the start of each session, you’ll pick up a “mystery bag” from the Phoenix Center for the Arts. This will have a whole range of materials that you’ll use throughout the week!
• For ages 6-14
• Each 2-week session is $250. Contact Rising Youth Theatre directly about scholarship availability.

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Join Rising Youth Theatre in partnership with Phoenix Center for the Arts for an online Summer Arts Camp! We’ll be offering young people the opportunity to experience a wide variety of art forms in a creative, collaborative environment.
This year’s camp is all about celebrating Fandoms.

Fandoms have always been part of our world. But in today’s connected culture, it goes to a whole different level. We know that being a fan is more than just being an enthusiast. Online fandoms build whole communities around a fandom, both online and IRL (in real life). Get excited to explore all your faves in a totally unique exploration of what it means to really love something.

Every week, your camper will pick up a Mystery Bag containing all the camp supplies and surprises! The Mystery Bag will be available for pickup outside the front doors of Phoenix Center for the Arts on the first Monday of the session. If you are unable to pick up the Mystery Bag, a checklist of items your young person will need will be sent via the Guardian Packet. The Guardian Packet will also include information about how to connect to camp via Zoom, as well as guidelines for safety and behavior.

Each session, campers in each age group will explore a Fandom-related theme through visual art, theatre, dance, creative writing, music, and more, culminating in a performance sharing and celebration.

Duration: 2 Weeks
Ages: 6-14
Cost: $250
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Session 1: June 1 – June 12, 2020
Registration: NOW CLOSED
FANDOM: Time & Space
Fandoms that exist across time and space. Think traveling through universes, paradoxes, time mix ups, past, future, etc.

Session 2: June 15 – June 26, 2020
Registration: NOW CLOSED

Theme: FANDOM: Crossovers
Crossing one or more Fandoms so that they interact within the same universe.

Session 3: July 6 – July 17, 2020
Registration: NOW CLOSED
FANDOM: Alternate Universe
A different version of the same universe. Think of Divergent to the Hunger Game series or parallel universes of a Fandom.

Session 4: July 20 – July 31, 2020
Registration: OPEN NOW (see red arrow below)
FANDOM: Fandoms of the Future
Creating brand-new Fandoms! Campers will design their own games, shows, books, comics, and more for the next generation of fandoms.

Note: Phoenix Center for the Arts is not a licensed child care facility under section 36-882.

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