Phoenix Center for the Arts presents the fifth annual Beta Dance Festival , September 22 & 23, 2018, at the Phoenix beta logoCenter for the Arts Third Street Theater. Beta will feature innovative and captivating dance works submitted by local dance artists and companies.

Beta Dance Festival
celebrates and strengthens the diverse, multi-faceted Valley dance community through the showing and sharing of new works across a multiplicity of dance forms and genres!

The Beta Residency Program provides structural support and resources for emerging and established choreographers in the Valley to create new work that will enhance the overall quality and diversity of the Beta Dance Festival. The residency will advance the artistry of the choreographer/s through a work in progress showing and peer feedback session.

Applications closed May 30, 2018. Please consider applying next year!


COMMUNITY The Beta Dance Festival will celebrate and strengthen the diverse, multi-faceted Valley dance community through the showing and sharing of new works across a multiplicity of dance forms and genres.

MULTIPLICITY  The Beta Dance Festival celebrates the many languages and origins of dance, and equally represents folk dance, urban and street styles, fusion and experimental work, and classical and concert dance.

EQUITY Beta will be intentionally curated to create a balance of forms and styles of dance and to showcase all dance forms equally. In future years, the festival plans to expand beyond the proscenium to include outdoor and site specific venues, in order to create a better venue for dance forms that did not evolve for the concert stage.

SHARING Dance artists of varying experience and genre will not only share stage space, but also engage in dialogue together through an informal showing and peer Q&A that occurs one month prior to  the festival.

FINANCIAL ACCESSIBILITY Beta Dance Festival will never charge artists a fee to show their work, instead working towards a model in which artists share in festival proceeds.

SUPPORT & MENTORSHIP FOR EMERGING ARTISTS Beta will be a springboard for young and emerging artists, including youth, students, and recent graduates of university and community college dance programs, to share their work with a wider public and in a more established venue. The festival intends to provide younger and emerging artists with the opportunity to meet and mingle with more established artists in the festival, fostering feedback during work-in-progress showings.

Leanne Schmidt & Marlene Strang
Nicole L Olson
Dreams of Arabia Music & Dance Ensemble
Lacee Garcia & Emily Laird
Chad Michael Hall & Candy Jimenez
Chelsea Neiss
Arielle Lemke & Shannon Marriott
Sistelos Dance Company
Amy Symonds
CaZo Dance
Sara Malan-McDonald
Travis Richardson

“BETA Dance Festival was the first local artist festival I have witnessed in the valley that showcased contemporary work, while also providing an opportunity for avante-garde dance work.”
– Julie Ackerly, Beta 2014 choreographer

“I appreciated that the Beta festival allowed for works in progress to be showcased along side established and completed works. I also think it’s great that it creates another opportunity for local artists to get their work seen, which is always important because it helps to further strengthen the Arizona dance community.”
– Crystal Lewis, Artistic Director of Convergence Dance, Beta 2014 Choreographer

“Beta dance festival was an effective way to showcase the great work in dance that is happening in the valley.  It was a refreshing show filled with a variety of new and established artists from around the valley and brought together a myriad of voices in dance.”
– Angela Rosencrans, Beta 2015 Choreographer

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