Current Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering with Phoenix Center for the Arts!

Remember to log your hours to receive amazing Volunteer Rewards!

10 hours = 25% off a studio class
20 hours = 50% off a studio class
40 hours = one FREE studio class
***A maximum of 3 classes can be redeemed per calendar year

To redeem a class, please contact our Patron Services Lead, Kevin at with full details of your request.

Once a volunteer redeems their 3 free classes per year, they are able to use up to 20 of their remaining hours towards the above mentioned partial discounts on classes for that calendar year.

Additionally, volunteers have the option to donate up to 40 of their accrued hours per year to friend/family member. Volunteers may also roll 20 unused hours over to the next calendar year. Those hours will expire if not used within one calendar year.

NOTE: The donation of 40 hours to a friend or family member will change to a donation of up to 20 hours in 2020.


Volunteer Spotlight!

To nominate a friend (or yourself because you know you’re awesome) please send an email to with the following information:
Nominee Name:
Nominee Email:
Nominee Volunteer Position:
Tell us what makes this person so awesome:

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