Wage Peace

The first WAGE PEACE workshop took place February 19, 2015 at the Center and hosted 100 youth representatives from local high schools. Participants will learn community building tactics to positively enact change in their communities and collaborate across racial and class lines to address social justice issues. WAGE PEACE equips youth participants with the tools needed to become student leaders in their communities and inspire other teens to join the movement.

Social Centric Institute was founded by Calvin Terrell, who has been working in the Valley for over twenty years to promote peace and justice. You can learn more about Calvin and his organization by visiting calvinterrell.com

Wage PeaceWAGE PEACE is a movement designed to empower youth to fight against selfishness, oppression, and violence. You are invited to experience WAGE PEACE at no charge. Your fee will be covered by SCi (Social Centric Institute).

The world needs you and many more to WAGE PEACE!

Get in touch with Social Centric Institute to learn more about their work and how to get involved. Sen an email to info@socialcentric.com