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The Cox Arizona Art Mobile

Summer Camp at Phoenix Center for the Arts

Building Our City Through Public Art

Phoenix Festival de España on the Radio Phoenix Bungalow Show

The Bungalow Show (Full Program) – 032015 by Radio Phoenix on Mixcloud

Phoenix Festival of the Arts 2013 Highlights

ALM Live is proud to present our coverage of the Phoenix Festival of the Arts. The Festival set out to gather artists from across the state to create one giant mural that connects each artist’s canvas with each other. The event was made possible by Hugo Medina and the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Phoenix Center of the Arts Saved by Non-Profit

The Phoenix Center for the Arts was about to be closed due to citywide budget cuts. ASU student reporter Lauren Kyger tells us more about how the downtown center’s programs were saved by a non-profit organization.

The Phoenix Mural Project

The first annual Phoenix Festival of the Arts this past weekend at Margaret T. Hance Park was vibrant with local art vendors and live music, but it was the winding figure of beautifully painted plywood boards snaking around the festival that truly displayed some of Phoenix’s best art. By the end of the weekend, more than 80 local Phoenix artists had added their unique style to one of the longest murals painted in Arizona. Produced for the Downtown Devil,

Downtown Summer Arts 2012

The Phoenix Center for the Arts is hosting the Extravaganza Summer Camp for kids ages 6-14. This camp allows the children to learn multiple art forms; from claymation, pottery, painting, drawing, metals, dancing, instruments, theater and more.

Black Women Walking – Official Promo Video

“Phoenix Center for the Arts was proud to host this important piece of work on March 16, 2013 and looks forward to supporting it and other equally important and challenging works of art in the future.”