Cyndy Gaughan Board Headshot

Cyndy Gaughan

Board Member Senior Director Phoenix Community Alliance

Board Member since January 2021

As Senior Director of Phoenix Community Alliance, Cyndy leads the day-to-day operations of the organization. In her executive leadership role, Cyndy works closely with all of the organization’s committee chairs and co-chairs in advancing the mission of each of its diverse advocacy initiatives and employs her award-winning, top-tier business development experience.

Cyndy holds an Arizona Real Estate Broker License and Bachelor of Science in Business with management concentration and experience in both homebuilding management and commercial real estate. She currently serves as an Evans Churchill Community Association board director. Her professional interests include community development, strategic planning, organizational leadership, business development, management, and marketing.

As a Downtown Phoenix resident, Cyndy walks the talk, living, working, playing, and learning in this thriving urban center she calls home. Downtowners will likely see her, a recognizable ambassador for her organization and all of downtown Phoenix, biking or walking out in the community on any given day.

Other times, you might catch her playing gigs as a singer and the bodhran player (drummer) in a local Irish band.

Cyndy’s superpower: Experiential wisdom and asking insightful questions