Alvaro Sande Board Headshot

Alvaro Sande

Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair Partner Altura Real Estate, LLC

Board Member since February 2016

As a Business Development Principal Alvaro takes an intuitive approach to partnering with developers and communities. Beginning his career in Banking and Investments in 1998, Alvaro went on to lead development for an international company where he (among other things) developed condominiums, conducted numerous land transactions and started a real estate website.

Drawing on his South American upbringing, Alvaro understands that true “development” means immersing himself within the community to understand the needs of both businesses and individuals. As a passionate advocate for the City of Phoenix he presently sits on the boards of Phoenix Center of the Arts, the Evans Churchill Community Association, and the Hance Park Conservancy. Alvaro has a proven track record in creating successful long-lasting relationships with cities, customers, investors, and communities.

Alvaro’s superpower: Financial wizardry