Teen Classes


We have many different classes and workshops for teens. We also have the facilities to support students whether they are interested in making art for fun, as a career, or both!

Online registration is available for all classes that have yet to begin. Please call 602-254-3100 to register if your class has already started. Not seeing a schedule below? You may be using an incompatible web browser. Try loading this page in a different browser. Still having problems? Give us a call at 602-254-3100 to register over the phone. We’re happy to help!

Teen Classes and Workshops

Our teen classes and workshops are an integral part of our Teen Artist Guild program. Teens can join the Teen Artist Guild (also known as TAG) for a small annual fee and attend classes, workshops, and lectures for free. Teens not wishing to join the guild may still attend these functions, but will be required to pay small one-time workshop fees.

Teen Intensives

Each semester, in tandem with our Youth Art Camps, teens have the opportunity to delve into several different artistic pursuits through our Teen Intensives program! This is a unique opportunity that will give your teen the chance to experience art forms that are usually only available as adult classes here at the Center! Click the link below for more information.


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